There must be a leather jacket from in the wardrobe of a modern elegant woman. So, the leather jacket not only protects its owner from the weather, but also emphasizes its individuality and unsurpassed style, it must be chosen correctly. A few simple expert recommendations, how to choose a leather jacket, will help you make a useful and profitable purchase. The product, warm with fur, will become a reliable protection from the cold in winter, and a delicate thing, sewn from soft calfskin, will definitely come in handy on a cool summer evening.

Choosing a leather jacket for itsproduct quality

Choosing a leather jacket should start with an inspection of the product label. Many countries are now engaged in the production of women’s clothing, but high quality products in the leather goods market are represented by Italy, Canada, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Finland. Not sure how to choose the perfect leather jacket? Pay attention to the quality of the material used when sewing the outer garments. Sheep and calves have the best characteristics. Buffalo or bull skin is extremely durable. Top women’s clothing from these raw materials always has a high cost.

Pork products are much cheaper, but they will serve their mistress for a very short time. Do not forget the seams: it must be smooth, strong and neat. Some requirements also apply to components – they must be securely fastened, close and open easily. In such items of outerwear, there should be no trace of rust, the only way to judge the use of high quality and brand new accessories when sewing the jacket. If the product is a zipper, it should not stick. When buying a jacket with buttons, pay attention to whether they are sewn securely and wiped with loops.

 How to choose a leather jacket

The main parameter that you should focus on when choosing clothes is its quality. However, do not forget the elegance of the product, because a modern woman must be a confident and attractive lady. Stylists give useful recommendations on how to choose the right leather jacket so that it looks good on its owner. They recommend to determine the style of the jacket. Before you go for a new item for your wardrobe, think about what kind of clothes you need, what you will wear it with and most importantly – where. All three of these trendy leather jackets look incredibly stylish and expensive.

In this case, get for them other clothing is a quick one. Also pay attention to the type of collar. Stylists say that the collar should match the woman with the shape of her face. This is another useful tip on how to choose a women’s leather jacket to be in harmony with the look of the hostess. Owners of an oval face can not even think of what kind of collar will suit them, so all the ladies go. But for girls with a round face the jacket with a stand-up collar is not at all suitable. It will look good type of shirt with sharp feathers with sharp edges. Leather jackets with stand-up collars or rounded edges are ideal for girls with a long narrow face.

How to choose a women’s leather jacket according to its type

And finally how to choose a leather jacket for the type of figure, so as to emphasize the advantages of his mistress? If you have an hourglass body type, it means that you have a body with perfect proportions, so wear everything that emphasizes your virtues. With narrow shoulders and wide hips, emphasis should be placed on the upper body. Cardigans with bulky details – blisters, sleeves, large buttons and chest pockets will help here. The length of the jacket should reach the middle of the thigh, so as to hide most of them.

If, on the other hand, you have narrow hips and wide shoulders, you should choose a jacket that visually enlarges the hips. It could be an A-silhouette, it fell down. A good choice would also be a jacket with a basky. Choosing the right leather jacket will not be just a time to be proud of your place among all the things in your closet.