We have all been confronted with the bad smell that can emerge from the bathroom siphon and it is true that it can not stand. Bathroom without windows? We give you smell solutions because without windows the bad smell is more intense. The first move we usually make is to call a plumber but if there is no serious problem they recommend you let the water run for a long time to clean the pipes. If you face a serious problem, reach out to Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου for help.

Sometimes there is a result but there are two ways that have spectacular results. Vinegar and soda. Put a cup of vinegar in the siphon and do not pour any water for an entire night. You can do the same with soda as long as you throw it in the basin. If now there is a stench for other reasons, because you went to the toilet a while ago and you are waiting for people, just light one or two matches and turn them off in the bathroom. Every bad smell will disappear!

A bathroom without windows may be a problem for you but we have the solution. Many houses do not have a window in their bathroom. This means that this bathroom usually smells strongly for longer and develops more moisture and mold on the walls. If your bathroom does not have windows, see what you need to do.

Use an electric fan

After a bath or shower, plug in the fan and leave it in the bathroom with the door open for a while. This way the walls and floor will dry and the moisture created by the bathroom will disappear. Have you ever noticed a bad smell in your bathroom that you can not find where it comes from? The bathroom siphon often collects dirt resulting in a bad odor. If you see that the stench persists you should call a plumber from Αποφράξεις Αθήνα.

Use a dehumidifier

If your bathroom has a serious moisture problem and you do not have windows then a dehumidifier will help reduce the humidity so that mold does not grow. There are several economical dehumidifiers on the market and you can find good quality appliances even for 30 euros.

Tip: After each bath, spread towels and mats on the balcony to dry well and make sure to change towels at least once a week. Also leave the curtain open for a few minutes to remove moisture from the bathtub and then close it so that the curtain itself can dry more easily.

Baking soda and vinegar

For unpleasant odors in a windowless bathroom you can use vinegar and baking soda. Put white vinegar and baking soda in a beautiful jar (we are interested in dispelling odors without altering the beautiful decoration of your bathroom) and place the jar on the counter and next to your sink. All unpleasant odors will be absorbed.

Activated carbon

Activated carbon has been produced industrially since the early 19th century and is a compound of great utility in medicine, pharmacy and other sciences. To get rid of unpleasant odors put some activated carbon in a beautiful container and leave it in the bathroom. All unpleasant odors will go away in a few minutes. You can find activated carbon in pet shops or online stores.

Tip: Be sure to lower the toilet lid each time you use it. And be careful to pull out the cistern after first lowering the lid.

Aroma of freshness

Use a simple soy wax to fight unpleasant odors. Light the candle before using the toilet and turn it off when you are done. The whole bathroom will smell of musk and the bad smells will go away.

Extra tip: Many people use bleach in the toilet to ward off unpleasant odors. Bleach will definitely neutralize the odors but it needs care so that you do not inhale it and do not throw a large amount. If your city does not have a very good water supply system too much bleach will kill the healthy bacteria present in your sewer. Also, if you choose bleach to fight odors do not use any other natural- or non-detergent (such as vinegar) because mixing them can cause respiratory problems. Also, a professional disinfestation company might help.

Disappearance of smell with lemon

If the stench does not disappear with vinegar you can alternatively try lemon. Mix in a bowl the juice of one lemon and 1 cup. hot water. Slowly pour the mixture into the siphon and leave it overnight. First open the tap so that enough water runs and the pipes are thoroughly cleaned. Then use vinegar or lemon juice (or both) to clean the siphon more effectively.

Use plants

Aromatic sprays are not the best solution to get rid of unpleasant odors. Aromatic sprays give a nice scent to your bathroom instantly but do not completely dispel odors. The best and most natural solution is plants. Two plants that quickly absorb bad odors are fern and lilies.

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