All women have a fairly large collection of handbags and purses – γυναικείες τσάντες – . We also count the ones that you have registered in your closet and do not use much anymore, either because it is not in fashion or because they have a defect from use, which you promised that at some point you will correct.

No matter how much your favorite bag has cost, from a few to hundreds of euros, this love has no end. However, because such “investments” are not repeated every day, we must take care of our bag / purse / wallet very carefully as we would with our clothes. The bag has its own -appropriate- care to keep it in good condition and to impress as you walk and hold it in style.

It has happened to all of us: you know how it is, when you have bought it for only a week and you already see small stains on places such as the handle, the strap, the zipper if it has it, or its corners. Especially when it has a light shade that everything is visible on its surface.

It’s time to learn how to take care of the collection with your bags, small and large,  properly, so that they are always clean, organized and can last in good condition for years. Totes, shoppers, backpacks, -whatever you prefer-, these are all things you need to do to take care of your bag.

1. Protect your bag

Protect your bag before you even wear it outside. If your bag is made of leather, suede or a thin fabric, apply a protective product to protect it from leaks, dirt and other accidents during the day.

2. Organize the interior

How many times has your bag not been opened to find ink stains, lipstick smudges or leaks on the bottom? Protect the lining and the inside of your bag by using cases to organize everything in it. Put them all in different boxes, cases or even pouches.

Also, old glasses cases can be very useful here. One case for cosmetics, another for your small items and another for pens. Keeping everything in separate mini bags, your bag will remain organized and clean, while you will always find quickly, everything you are looking for.

3. Store it properly

When not using a bag, make sure you store it properly. Lay out and close all pockets, remove each detachable strap, wrap it and store it in your bag. Do not fold them as they may wrinkle, fray and even break.

Place the bag in cloth bags or small, old pillowcases. Do not squeeze it on a shelf with other objects, where it is pressed and can be scratched. Finally, plastic bags are not a good idea at all as they trap moisture.


4. Remove stains

There are several techniques to remove stains from food, oil, ink and water that work, but you can also give your bag to a professional for proper cleaning. Wipe the bags you use now at least once a week. A baby wipe is ideal to get rid of crumbs or dirt inside and a soft cloth is suitable for the outside. Do not overdo it, however, because constant washing will eventually have the opposite effect and will lead to the destruction of the bag. Avoid touching the bag with dirty, wet hands or after applying a lotion. Do not overload it. The shape will be deformed and the lining may be torn.


5. Daily care

The most important thing is to avoid your bags being stored in a place where the sun hits them. Store your bags in a cool, damp place where the material can breathe. This will prevent the material from drying out. If your bag has a canvas bag, store it in it. Keeping metal elements, chains and locks free of scratches is a difficult task. Strokes are part of everyday wear, however when you are not using your bag it would be good to wrap paper or fabric around these metal elements.

If your leather bag gets wet, fill it with newspapers – this way you avoid shrinking – and let it dry on its own. Never apply heat directly to wet skin, as this will cause shrinkage and breakage of the skin. Use handbags and bags to store cosmetics and liquids. This way you will protect your bag from stains and you will keep your items organized. Prefer pens with lids and ideally place the media in your vanity case.

If you are wondering what to do when your leather bag looks dehydrated, you can moisturize the material with a special cream. There are special creams, candles and lotions, which will soften and stimulate your tired bags. You need to be especially careful with the skin as it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to repair. Special skin oil applied to the scratch can help it look less intense, while special products on the market can rejuvenate your bag and protect it to some extent from future scratches.

The next time you get a new bag he will know how to take care of it and protect it. This way you will enjoy it for longer.

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