3 tips for your fridge

If you want your fridge to last for more than a decade, you should take care of it. And according to 24gr.gr company in Greece –επισκευή service ψυγεία– , a maintenance one in a while is not enough. You need to take proper care of your fridge if you wish to keep it for a long time.

The refrigerator keeps most foods in very good condition for a few days to weeks, depending on the type of food. The temperature of the storage room should be on average from 2 ° to 5 ° C. Modern refrigerators have special areas and shelves (such as the grocery drawer and the chiller safe drawer) with clear indications of the food to be stored. in the specific area. This is because the cooling temperature has been specially regulated for the specific food, such as for the meat that is preferably stored at the lowest possible temperature (in the chiller safe).

Thus, we must follow as closely as possible the manufacturer’s instructions for food placement and proper temperature regulation. The “well-being” of our fridge is also found in the way we treat it everyday, as well as the way we store our food. However, there are some general rules we can follow.

Storage of food

We make sure to store food in small quantities (cut large pieces of meat, cheese, portion of cooked food, etc.), so that the food cools better and faster. Place them sparsely in the refrigerator, at a distance from each other, to facilitate air circulation and to cool the food evenly.

We need to wrap the most vulnerable foods (such as meat, poultry and fish) in cling film and store them in the special drawers of the refrigerator provided by the manufacturer. In fact, meat, fish and poultry should be eaten no later than 48 hours after storage. Especially for meat (eg a fillet) it can be kept for an additional 1-2 days if we place it in a taper and cover it up to its surface with olive oil.

Milk and dairy products should be stored on the refrigerator shelves. It is best not to store milk on the refrigerator door. Although with the no frost system the cooling is evenly distributed throughout the refrigerator through air vents, the refrigerator door is the first to be exposed to ambient temperature every time we open it. At the door we prefer to store soft drinks, alcohol, mustard and ketchup and foods more durable, with a longer shelf life.

Cheese and charcuterie

On the cheeses and cold cuts, remove the paper wrapper of the supermarket (while keeping the inner membrane) and place them in glass tapers. In general, it is good to pre-supply cheeses and cold cuts in small quantities and consume them immediately, as they are more sensitive and lose their organoleptic characteristics faster. Also, keep the feta on its side (when you provided it in such a package) or otherwise store it in a taper.

As for the cold cuts, because when you cut them into slices, their deterioration starts immediately, it is good to buy them in jars and cut them yourself. Wrap them in a blanket and store them in the special drawer for meat and cold cuts (chiller safe) that most refrigerators have, in which the temperature is quite low and thus the food is better preserved.

Vegetables and fruit in the fridge

Place the vegetables and fruits in the special drawer. It is best not to wash them before storing them, but when we are ready to use them, because they by nature have a “shielding mechanism”. For example, when we wash the peaches, they lose their “fluff” which actually protects the fruit. Thus, we keep them tightly closed in paper bags (like those of the greengrocer), which absorb the moisture of the refrigerator and do not allow it to penetrate into the food.

The herbs can be spread in a pan. Place wet paper on the bottom. We put the herbs and on top we put again wet kitchen paper, which retains their natural moisture.

Eggs and already cooked food in the fridge

Place the eggs one by one in the space provided in the refrigerator, noting the expiration date indicated on the package. Also, it is not advisable to wash them, as many advise, as the eggshell is surrounded by a membrane (not visible to us) that protects the outside of the egg, shielding it from any contamination.

We place the cooked foods in the refrigerator in a taper, after they first “cool down”, that is, after we let them reach room temperature. This is because, otherwise, the refrigerator compartment heats up, a change that can affect the rest of the stored food. In addition, the device will have to consume extra energy to restore the previously prevailing temperature.

Fridge technicians

If you happen to notice that something is wrong with your refrigerator, you need to call the experts in fridge repairs. These large appliances, can sometimes lose their power, stop working, etc. You can not afford to spend a day without a fridge, especially during the summer. So if anything happens to your fridge, the crew of 24gr.gr. Call the experts in fridge repairs and service!

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