How to care for your fridge

Having a fridge –επισκευή service ψυγεία– these days is not considered as a luxury but as a necessity, especially in countries that are very hot during the year. Many people though, are experiencing issues with their fridges as they do not treat them as they deserve. A fridge is not such a complicated appliance, in the contrary it is quite simple to put it to use. Nevertheless, fridge technicians are needed once in a while to face certain minor or major issues.

Is your food fresh?

We know what you are wondering, because we are wondering the same. Our grandparents had this question in the grocery store and grocery store, our parents in the butcher shops, fish shops and bakeries in the neighborhood, while now we all meet together in supermarkets or patisseries and after stopping for a moment, we wonder:

“Is it fresh?”

This short question is very important, as the answer allows us or prevents us from buying the food that appears in front of our eyes. Whether it is fruit and vegetables, or we are talking about fine meats and fish, or we are looking at the labels of dairy products and fooling around in the window dreamy sweets, we always want the best. And the freshest.


Although many of us are unaware that certain foods must be stored at specific temperatures and humidity levels, these two factors are vital. Bacteria start to triple at 4 degrees Celsius and freeze at 0, so a good solution is to keep the temperature at 2.7 degrees, in order to delay their growth. In addition, keeping this temperature constant plays an important role.

Samsung recently introduced to the Greek market the new series of two-door refrigerators with Twin Cooling Plus technology, thanks to which maintenance and freezing are cooled separately, using two different airflows. Thus the temperature is precisely controlled, achieving the maximum duration of freshness, while saving energy. Twin Cooling Plus technology maintains ideal storage-freezing conditions with a constant temperature, as well as an ideal level of humidity without mixing odors.

It is basically a simple step if you wish to preserve your food in the right way and at the same time, prolong the life of your refrigerator. Blasting the cold will do nothing but make your food soggy and your freezer will be filled with ice tips in a week! Then you will have to defrost and it is not a fun activity!


Humidity levels can also affect the freshness of food and life of the appliance. The general rule is that perishable foods (such as arugula, spinach and herbs) should be placed in a high humidity environment, while perishable foods (ie fruits such as apples and pears and vegetables), should be placed in a low humidity environment.

Remember that excess moisture and spoiled food brings mold to your fridge! If you leave mold uncleaned for a while, it will be basically impossible to make it go after a while. Apart from that, you need to keep an eye on the silicone parts of the fridge (mainly at the fridge door) because they tend to collect dirt and mold too!

Mold could cause you to get rid of your fridge and it cannot be easily repaired, even by the experts in fridge repairs!


It is important to clean the inside of our refrigerator regularly, emptying and washing the door and shelves. Do not spray detergent directly on the surface: instead apply a small amount of detergent to a cloth and then wipe the surface you want. For stubborn stains, use baking soda and warm water and apply to the desired area with a warm, soft cloth. For fingerprints and stains, a few drops of olive oil on a napkin can work wonders.

Finally, to get rid of unwanted odors, try placing a saucer of ground coffee or half a lemon in the fridge.

Tips for food Storage and Organization

  • It is noted that checking the condition of food, before putting it in the refrigerator, is just as important as how it is stored. And storage is even easier in Samsung refrigerators, thanks to Space Max technology, which gives us even more space, keeping the dimensions of the refrigerator the same.
  • For example, we need to remove the cardboard or plastic wrap from our vegetables. Fruits and vegetables should be washed before putting them aside, as should foods that have been in direct contact with the soil and should never be placed around other foods. After washing them, it would be good to keep the salads in containers, with a layer of absorbent paper at the bottom and top, to keep them fresh and crisp. Raw meats and seafood should be placed on the bottom shelf to prevent dripping.
  • Excess food can be stored for up to four days in clean glass containers, while it is a good idea to put labels that will indicate the contents of the refrigerator drawers.
  • However, as bowls, storage containers and jugs have different heights and sizes, we can easily adjust the adjustable cases and shelves of Samsung refrigerators, thanks to which, the storage spaces of the refrigerator are shaped as we want.
  • Seeing what foods are left helps us to consume them earlier, throwing away less food. In addition, before each trip to the market, we can bring a little further the older foods that are “hidden” in the back of the refrigerator, so that we have them in mind.


Service for your fridge

If you notice that your fridge is losing power or its light bulbs are burnt, or any other issue, you should call the experts in fridge repairs and service! The team of will be there at your place and fix your fridge for you. After the repairs your fridge will be fresh and ready to work properly again!

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