How to recover from Pandas effect?

Google updates search engine algorithms on a regular basis. This is done to perform a level playing role in the world of search engine optimization. The webmasters should optimize their sites within the guidelines stipulated by the Google search engine. If there are attempts to optimize web pages beyond ethical means, the websites should bear the brunt from Google. In worst case the site might be banned from the search results altogether or the page rank will come down. Hence, webmasters should follow the updates released by Google at regular intervals so that they can make the most of the Google rankings.

What is Google Panda?

You should know ‘what is Panda?’ so that you can take steps to recover from Pandas effect. You should know the fact that Google Panda is penalty that is imposed at domain level. If you present low quality content on a single web page, you will bear the risk of entire domain being penalized. You should undertake SEO measures at the overall website level as well as the content level. You should avoid all kinds of black hat SEO methods that you might have implemented in the past.

It is important that you should have a set of keywords for each post. You should present useful content to the audience and there should not be very short articles. You should index only useful web pages. If your website contains improper SEO structure, it will be penalized. To recover from Pandas effect, your website should not have duplicate content. If there are too many advertisements on your website, your site will be affected with Panda. The website loading time and poor grammar will also impact the results of your site.

Ways to recover from Pandas effect

You might be exploring ways to recover from Pandas effect. The simplest way is that you should remove all the low quality content from your website. You should remove content which does not add value to the readers. In order to take reconciliation measures after the Panda effect, you should study the traffic patterns very carefully. Especially, you should study

the traffic pattern from the day the Google Panda was announced. This gives you clue to undertake right ways to recover from Pandas effect.

You should reconsider the advertisement vs. content ratio. Your advertisements should not exceed the content presented on your site. There should not any broken links on your website. If you want to fix broken links very quickly, you can install a plug-in to support this aspect.

You should do well research about a topic and should present high quality content of reasonable length. The Meta title and the Meta description should be improved. You should take note of the importance of on-site SEO optimization. You should understand the fact that the quality of content posted on your website will greatly enhance your website’s rank. You can undertake promotions through social bookmarking sites to improve the performance of your site. If you select a niche based site, you can recover from Pandas effect.

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